Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist who warns people of the danger of video games. As a feminist she is perpetually angry about everything. And this includes 1980s video games such as Mario Brothers. It seems that Mario Brothers is a misogynist game designed to perpetuate the Patriarchy. Personally, I just found it to be a fun game. But a feminist can always see politics in everything. [link] (Mario Bros rant at 11:15).


A Towson University student made national news at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday when he suggested segregating black Republicans from the rest of the party [source]


Amazing. People here ILLEGALLY are demanding free health care. In a sane country, such people would be arrested and sent back to their countries. Granting rights to illegal immigrants basically states that we are no longer a sovereign nation.

Could you imagine a bunch of illegal Americans in Japan making a video (while speaking English)  demanding free health care?



White Privilege Wristbands

Wisconsin now seems to be ground zero for Cultural Marxism insanity. The latest initiative is to try to force White children to wear a wristband as some sort of sign of shame for their race. Reminiscent of how the Jews were force to wear gold stars in Nazi Germany.